Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GI Joe 2 - GI Joe Movie Sequel

The first GI Joe isn't released yet but it seems it doesn't hinder the studios from planning a movie sequel to GI Joe. Yep, there is a GI Joe 2 movie ahead of us. Well, the news comes from Director Stephen Sommers who told that he and his team were booked for the sequel for Summer 2010.

The first movie is having some bad buzz online. But I guess it won't hinder GI Joe from being a blockbuster: lots of action, plenty of special effects, and the whole thing based on a famous franchise, you bet people are going to watch it in theaters.

So not so surprising to hear so early about the movie GI Joe 2. From the tidbits we know,the first GI Joe really is about the rise of Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon-Levitt): at the beginning he was just the doctor, working for Destro (Christopher Eccleston):

GI JOE II Movie but at the end, Destro can but step down and let the Doctor be the boss, and he becomes the real Cobra Commander we know:

Cobra Commander and his minion Destro - GI JOE 2

So I really feel that the best with the GI Joe movie series is ahead. In the movie GI Joe 2 we may expect the Machiavellian Cobra Commander to try like hell to conquer the whole Earth.

Actually I'm much more excited about what they could do with GI Joe 2 than about the first opus which is still yet to be released. Origins stories aren't boring, but I'd rather have the real deal!

Really hope that this GI Joe 2 movie will be developed as announced by Director Stephen Sommers.